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In addition to a barbell or dumbbells, Preacher Bench Curls can also be performed with a cable - and I believe that this is one of the finest biceps exercise on the planet. Place a Preacher Bench in front of a low pulley on a Lat Machine. Hook up a short EZ-bar or straight bar attachment to the cable and perform these curls as in the pictures below. This variation of the Preacher Curl provides plenty of resistance at the top of the movement.. There is one machine on the market that allows you to do Cable Arm Curls in this manner without having to setup a separate Preacher bench and that is the ingeniously designed BodyCraft Back and Arm Machine.

Cable Preacher Curl from floor pulley

A narrow grip on the EZ-bar or straight bar attachment will work best with the preacher cable curl. One set done to absolute failure with this exercise should convince anyone that they have found the Holy Grail of biceps exercises. I just can't emphasize enough how great this type of preacher cable curl is: I sit here at fifty years old with an honest pair of cold nineteens hanging from my shoulders, my biceps having been built with this exercise and without drugs.

For variety you can also perform these cable curls one arm at a time on the Preacher using a stirrup handle attached to the cable. Doing one arm at a time in this fashion will allow you to use your free arm to help your working arm do a couple of forced reps at the end of the set and then finally negatives - working your biceps to complete failure. Use this one-arm curl variation sparingly in your workouts - no more than once every few workouts - as doing forced reps and negatives too frequently will cause over-training very quickly and your progress will come to a grinding halt.

In addition to the above mentioned type of preacher curls with free weights and a cable, this exercise can also be done with a cam series triceps biceps machine. The advantage of using one of these cam-operated machines is that it provides even resistance from the very bottom of the curl clear to the top of the movement when your biceps hit their peak contraction. These curl machines can be VERY effective in building the ultimate in biceps mass and may be the most superior way yet to do the movement. If you have access to one of these machines, by all means use it.

This animation is too fast! Curl much slower than this -
about 4 seconds up and 4 seconds down to prevent this assistance of momentum and gravity.

Don't get me wrong - the old-fashioned standing barbell or dumbbell curl will build your biceps some in most cases - but they are NOT the only way to go and maybe not the best. I have seen some lifters do the old standbys for years such as the standing barbell curl and make minimal progress in visible results and then they switched to Preacher Curls and their biceps literally took off in size. Sometimes the old exercises are overrated because when they gained their popularity and reputation was in the first half of the twentieth century when there was no other bodybuilding equipment available but the old-fashioned barbell. I remember as recently as the late 1980's that most serious bodybuilders were still putting down weight machines - saying the only way to go was with free weights. However in the last twenty years machines have come to the forefront in many professional bodybuilder routines with the development of Cybex, Hammer Strength, Body Solid, etc.  Old habits die hard in everything it seems and bodybuilding is no exception.

Preacher Curls allow many variations that I have mentioned - dumbbells, barbell, EZ-curl bar, cable, and machine, and if you aren't happy with the development of your biceps thus far then you can do a lot worse than to try concentrating on this underrated curl as I have outlined here.

Click for larger image

Click on the links below to see a few video demonstrations of the different types of Preacher Curls that can be done. We also have a rare video clip here of Mike Mentzer flexing his biceps and showing the type of development that Preacher Curls gave him. - Eric

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Preacher Bench Barbell Curl

Preacher Bench Cable Curl

Preacher Bench Reverse Cable Curl

Zottman Curl on Preacher Bench

Mike Mentzer Biceps

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Preacher Curl Bench on Sale with Free Shipping

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